Do you want an engaging, inspiring and dynamic speaker for your audience? Do the women in your ministry need to feel empowered and encouraged in their finances? Do you need a presentation on a Financial Subject, especially faith-based finances? Our Coaches are skilled facilitators, experienced emcee’s (MC’s) and motivated speakers. Contact us to discuss a topic you have in mind.  

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Do you know that you want to be in a different place, but can’t figure out the best way to get there? The destination is clear, but the road is a little foggy. Your Coach can help you clear away some of the fog by uncovering the tools that you need to use to get to your destination. The best part is you already have everything you need, its just time to see things differently. With Coaching, you are in control. No one will tell…

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Welcome to Change Purse!

Come one, Come all!  Living Abundantly presents Change Purse:  We don’t spill tea; we drop coins to change your life!  So sit back, relax and prepare to pick up your change!  RECENTLY I HAD A CONVERSATION… Recently, I had a conversation….I think I’ll start every blog post off this way because honestly, most of what I write about will be sparked by a conversation I’ve had with someone…even if that someone is me!  I know we all have limited time and if you’re anything like…

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It’s Time 2 Live Abundantly!


We offer you our “Coaching K.I.T” – Knowledge, Individuality and Time.  We offer our clients a Coach who is committed and knowledgeable.  Our coaches are educated, experienced professionals who want to see you live an abundant life. We offer you services that are designed to meet your specific need while allowing you the flexibility of designing a program that will be most effective for you.

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